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AutoCAD .NET API Training

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We provide training from basic programming to professional Add-in / Plug-in & Remote application development for Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk revit using programming languages like C#.NET, VB.NET.

Why Learn CAD Automation & Customization

We are super specialist in  CAD Customization & Automation training.

Compared to CAD 3D Design or Modeling Get much more salary in CAD Automation or Custmization using CAD API & Computer Programming.

There are plenty of competition for CAD Design jobs but very less competition for CAD Customization & Automation developers.

We are experts in teaching CAD Automation & Customization using C, C++ or .NET. With our experience we can help you learn easily.

Course Structure

1st Month Training

Programming Language

  • Basic Programming Concepts.
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • Console Application Development.
  • Windows Form application Development.
  • DLL / Class Library Development.
  • Developing & Debugging Programs in Visual Studio.
  • Integration with CAD API
2nd Month Training


  • AutoCAD Files & Application Handling
  • Creating and Editing AutoCAD geometry 
  • Creating and editing  Layouts & viewports
  • Creating & editing Dimensions, text & layers.
  • Excel or Database Integration
  • Batch Processing
  • Project works


Overview of the AutoCAD .NET API
Components of the AutoCAD .NET API
Overview of Microsoft Visual Studio
Understand Microsoft Visual Studio Projects
Define the Components in a Project
View Project Information
Work with Microsoft Visual Studio Projects
Edit an Existing Project or Solution
Access and Search Referenced Libraries with the Object Browser
Develop Applications with and VB.NET C# .NET
Handle Errors
Using the AutoCAD Managed .NET API
Understand the AutoCAD Object Hierarchy
Access the Object Hierarchy
Collection Objects
Understand Properties and Methods
Out-of-Process versus In-Process
Define Commands and AutoLISP Functions
Controlling the AutoCAD Environment
Control the Application Window
Control the Drawing Windows
Create, Open, Save, and Close Drawings

Lock and Unlock a Document
Set AutoCAD Preferences
Set and Return System Variables
Draw with Precision
Prompt for User Input
Access the AutoCAD Command Line
Creating and Editing Entities
Open and Close Objects
Create Objects
Work with Selection Sets
Edit Named and 2D Objects
Use Layers, Colors, and Linetypes
Save and Restore Layer States
Add Text to Drawings
Adding Dimensions and Tolerances
Dimensioning Concepts
Create Dimensions
Edit Dimensions
Work with Dimension Styles
Use Blocks and Attributes
Use External References
Assign and Retrieve Extended Data

Popular CAD Customization Courses


AutoCAD Customization & Automation with .NET API and COM API


Revit Customization & Automation using Revit API with C#.NET or VB.NET

Solidworks .NET API

Solidworks Customization & Automation using solidworks API with C#.NET or VB.NET


CATIA Automation & Customization using CATIA CAA RADE (Rapid Application Development)


NX Customization & Automation using NX Open API with VB.NET or C#.NET


CREO Automation & Customization using C,C++ and CREO TOOLKIT.


Here are some sample students who took our CAD Customization training and currently working for very reputed companies.
To protect their privacy we are not publishing their names here. But we can provide when it is really required.





TATA Technologies.


ITC Infotech.

L&T Technology Services

ISRO (Icube Logics)



Lot of projects are done for companies that cannot be shown here. Only a few done for students demo purposes are show here.

What is CAD Customization? ( Explained with project )
CATIA Customization (Cylinder Design Automation)​
NX Open API Design Automation Sample Project
Creo Toolkit Customization (Unit Conversion Automation)

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