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We provide training from basic programming to professional application development in CAA for CATIA v5 & V6 using RADE(Rapid Application Development Environment) & Visual Studio.


We are super specialist in  CAD & PLM Customization & Automation training with project support and placement assistance.

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Compared to CAD 3D Design or Modeling Get much more salary in CAD Automation or Custmization using CAD API & Computer Programming.

There are plenty of competition for CAD Design jobs but very less competition for CAD Customization & Automation developers.

With the experience of our trainers and our teaching methodology we can make your learning very simple, easy ..

Fees Structure

New to programming?

Rs 70000

  • One month training in C/C++ programming and
  • Two Months training in CATIA CAA using RADE (Rapid Application Development) & Visual Studio.
Already know C++ programming?

Rs 50000

  • Two Months training in CATIA CAA using RADE (Rapid Application Development) & Visual Studio.


C++ Fundamentals
  • OOPS
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Data types
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Pointers & references
  • Methods
COM Notations
  • Dynamic Linking
  • Exporting Objects
  • Managing Lifetime
  • Extending Objects
  • IUnknown
  • Smart Pointers
Development Architecture
  • One Technological Choice
  • CAA Solution Architecture
Development Architecture
  • Overview
  • Interface / Implementation Design Pattern
  • Link between Interface & Implementation
  • Extension Mechanism
  • Late Type
  • Life Cycle
  • Smart Pointer
  • Coding Rules
Object Modeler
  • CATIA V5 frame editor
  • Workshop
  • Workbench
  • And Addin
Application Frame
  • Commands
  • Dialog Objects
  • Layout Management
  • Command / Dialog Integration
  • Resources
User Interaction
  • Product
  • Connector
  • Publication
  • Constraint
Product Structure & Assembly
  • Reason Of Using Specifications
  • Object Specs Modeler Objectives
  • Feature Structure
  • Document architecture
Specification Modeler
  • Reason Of Using Specifications
  • Object Specs Modeler Objectives
  • Feature Structure
  • Document architecture
Mechanical Modeler
  • Objectives
  • Frameworks
  • The CATPart document
  • The mechanical features
  • Overview
  • Literal Feature
  • Relation
Job Assistance
  • Project support
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview Questions


Here are some sample students who took our CAD Customization training and currently working for very reputed companies.
To protect their privacy we are not publishing their names here. But we can provide when it is really required.





TATA Technologies.


ITC Infotech.

L&T Technology Services

ISRO (Icube Logics)



Frequently asked questions and answers.

No problem. We teach you computer programming from the basics before we get in to CAD Customization programming.

We are expert & have plenty of expertice in how to teach programming for mechanical engineers looking for career in CAD Customization.

Yes. That is an added advantage for you. You can fully utilize your design skills.

You can easily judge and take right decision on what to be automated and what is the value of that automation.

So, You can be design engineer as well as design automation engineer or consultant and manage both design team as well as an automation team.

.NET is widely used for CAD Customization. You can you the same skill to customize any CAD tools like CATIA, NX, AutoCAD, Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, Revit etc.,

C++ is good for CATIA CAA Customization and Creo Toolkit Customization. 

Yes and No.

The programmign concept you learn in the first month is common for all CAD customization.

The CAD API you learn in the second month is specific to one particular CAD Tool.

So, to work on all CAD customization you need to learn different API (Application Programming Interface) specific to that particular tool.

But if you know one API well then you can learn other by yourself with little effort.

Yes. We will give you course completion certificate at the end of the training after you submit your project work.