Course Structure

1st Month Training

Programming Language

  • Basic Programming Concepts.
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • Console Application Development.
  • Windows Form application Development.
  • DLL / Class Library Development.
  • Developing & Debugging Programs in Visual Studio.
  • Integration with CAD API
2nd Month Training


  • CAD Files & Application Handling
  • Part Modeling Customization
  • Assembly Modeling Customization
  • Drawing sheets & Views Customization
  • Excel or Database Integration
  • Batch Processing
  • Project works

Demo Videos

Before seeking more information on CAD automation and customization, watch introductory videos to understand the basics and assess your interest. Videos provide clarity and awareness of the field’s relevance to your career goals.

What is CAD Customization? ( Explained using real project)
Real first Day programming class
Sample Creo Toolkit customization Project
Revit API sample project Rebar Automation
NX open sample Project
Solidworks automation with C#